Trained and validated on 10-year outcomes data in over 3,500 women

(Ref. Filipits ’11, Buus ‘16)

Recommended by international guidelines

(ASCO, ESMO, St. Gallen, AGO)

The leading breast cancer recurrence test in Europe

(ASCO, ESMO, St. Gallen, AGO)

a longer, relevant time frame

Early and Late Distant Recurrence


Integrates gene expression with clinicopathological features

12-Gene Molecular Score, tumor size, and node status

Identify a large percentage of true low-risk patients

(6.6% average of recurrence rate)

  • <70% N0 patients at low risk
  • Up to 30% of N1 patients

A simple test report for clear, straightforward conversations

Identify more breast cancer patients with a true low risk of 10-year distant recurrence (Ref. Sestak) who may safely forgo chemotherapy

EndoPredict was trained and validated for women with:

  • ER+, HER2- early stage breast cancer
  • Surgically resected tissue
  • N0 or N1 lymph status
  • T1, T2, or T3 tumor status

EndoPredict is a 2nd generation breast cancer recurrence test that combines the prognostic power of a 12-Gene Molecular Score with tumor size and lymph node status.

EndoPredict provides a comprehensive assessment of the 10-year risk of distant recurrence for women with ER+, HER2- early-stage breast cancer when treated with 5-years of endocrine therapy.

EndoPredict was developed from 10-year outcomes data to offer highly precise recurrence risk